Respectable service
on the luxury market

in St.Petersburg

Urgent purchase

The purchase of apartments for cash or non-cash payment in the shortest possible time.
Profitable transaction
M16 pays up to 90%
of the market value
of the real estate object
Unique offers
We are ready to consider
the possibility of urgent
purchase of mortgage apartments.
We take care of everything
When dealing with elite and business class real estate we take upon ourselves the costs of registration and conducting of transaction.
We take care of your safety
М16 provides you with a car with a driver and a guard for a transaction.
We value our reputation
All transactions are legally sound, transparent and confidential.
We appreciate your time
The transaction is conducted quickly and the seller can obtain an advance amount up to 500 000 rubles on the day of application. The transaction is conducted in several stages
Deal is made by


You have a real estate that you would like to rent or that you are already renting, and you want to optimize the process? The Rentier program is an opportunity to receive regular rental income with a minimum expenditure of time and labor. It will provide you and your family with a stable income for many years.
You value your time
and are ready to entrust
the management of your
property to the
The specialists
of the M16 company
will provide
full legal support of
your transaction.
Safety of the transaction
We check all the contractors by our own means and guarantee the transparency of all transactions.
Responsible selection of tenants
We will consider all your wishes regarding future tenants and will check them in our security service.
Keeping the apartment in perfect order
We guarantee the good condition of your property throughout the term of the contract.
You don't have real property for rent?
We will help you find the most profitable housing options for investment and advise you on all issues.
We are attentive to each client. Our managers will choose a program based on your wishes and on the most favorable terms for you.
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Flat Trade-In

You want so much to change the old apartment to the apartment of your dreams! In the unstable market the prices change regularly, and the most interesting proposals are purchased quickly.
The efficiency of the transaction
We immediately purchase the apartment that you like and undertake obligations on the sale of your old property.
Don't be afraid of the rising prices
The M16 company immediately acquires a residence for you, which allows you to lock in the price on your new apartment. With us you have to fear no fluctuations of prices!
The minimum investment
It is enough to pay in 5% of the cost of a new residence.
Legal purity
Our experts with years of experience prepare all necessary documents.
With the M16 you only need to choose a decent offer from our extensive database of luxury housing, and you can already consider it yours
The rest is our concern: purchase of the desired apartment, sale of your old property, the transaction with the bank, financial operations
The security of the transaction
We work only with reliable banks and developers.
Minimum cash
You do not need to bring large sums of money with you.
approach to the client
Our managers always act according to your interests.

Investment tour

We organize excursions to the objects of real estate. You can acquaint yourself with several variants of your future home or investment object in the most convenient format.
Meeting at the airport or train station
Comfortable business class car with a driver
Tour to the objects of elite real estate of St.Petersburg
Comprehensive consultation on the housing market and the specific proposals
Accommodation in a premium class hotel at the company's expense for up to 90 days
Full legal support and conclusion of a transaction
Pleasant bonuses and gifts
Transfer to the airport or train station

Personal manager

When concluding the contract with M16 a personal manager from our team is assigned to you. You are always working with only one person, who fully immerses himself in the specifics of your transaction.
Personal manager
and client are a team.
Our employees support
clients at all stages of the transaction,
from signing the first contract to
helping with the moving
to the new residence.
Only experienced professionals
Every specialist in our team has years of experience in the field of real estate.
First and foremost — the needs of the client
We assign a personal manager according to your requests. Each member of our staff has a wide range of knowledge in his field.
Always in touch
Our manager is always ready to answer your questions. All the procedures of mutual settlements are clear and are agreed upon with you.
Preparation of documents
The appointment of a personal manager will save you from routine paperwork.
Our personal manager always acts in the interests of the client and selects the most favorable conditions of the transaction.
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Safety of transaction

The priority of the M16 company is the customer’s confidence and the safety of all transactions.
Our own security service
The M16 company can separately render the services of real estate inspection, even if you are not our client.
Working with the most complex transactions
We value our reputation, so we carefully control the security.
Only trusted developers. Only reliable banks
We carry out our own checks of all counterparties, not relying on third-party evaluation. Therefore, cooperation with M-16 is always a 100% guarantee of the honesty of all parties.
We value your peace of mind
Signing a contract with M16 you don't need to order additional services of a lawyer, a notary or a detective to check the purity of the object. Each package of the documents undergoes a thorough examination.
Each package of the documents undergoes a thorough examination.
Every employee has high qualification and long work experience, which allows him to avoid mistakes in conducting the transaction.
M16 has all the necessary licenses and certificates and is a member of the Association of Realtors.
The experience of our staff allows us to consider all possible risks when conducting real estate transactions.

Advertising campaign

You don't know how to find your customers? Let us disseminate the information about your property object.
Professional photography
3D-tours of objects and surroundings
Advertising on television and radio
Printing the information about the property object in our own real estate catalog M16, which is distributed in more than 300 locations around St.Petersburg
Thematic newsletter using the client base to the customers who are interested in the elite real estate
Printing the information about the property object in our own real estate catalog M16, which is distributed in more than 300 locations around St.Petersburg
Development of websites for promoting the objects
Сontext-banner advertisement in the Internet, banners at the relevant portals, targeted advertising in social networks and other types of Internet promotion
Organization of free guided tours to the object
The creation and distribution of printed products: leaflets, catalogs, presentations in the proven distribution points
Creation of a media landscape: blogs, articles, reviews
Thematic newsletter using the client base to the customers who are interested in the elite real estate
Competent advertising campaign significantly increases the speed of the transaction.
You can be confident in our professional approach and worthy presentation of your property.
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