M16 - elite
real estate

in St.Petersburg

Real-estate agency M16 entered the market

on March 1st, 2013

In the span of just several years, the company has firmly established itself on the extremely complex market of St.Petersburg real estate.
Vyacheslav Malafeyev
The company’s founder, a goalkeeper for Zenit,
has gained a great experience not only in football,
but also in real estate deals:
«During almost all my career, I was buying and selling something, trying to improve my housing facilities… I put up the capital into commercial property, too. I read a lot and learnt the ropes in the subject and realized the prospects. Little by little, I arrived at a decision: why not create my own agency? I was well-connected, had a team of specialists and had an opportunity to help people find what they needed».
«I speak the same language with those people who purchase premium property. I understand their desires».
«There is only one win-win investment in the world — yourself».
«For me, it is very important that the service in the agency be always at the highest level. No matter whether the client buys a small studio or a spacious 100-square meter flat — the service should always be up to the mark».
«First of all, I say to my employees, «If this thing is yours, it should be up to your taste. If you do not like it, then you need to look for something else».
«I am a creative and purposeful person and I am interested in moving forward».
«Business processes should be perfect. We are longing for it».
«I would like to build up the business that will not only produce a profit, but also please me, as much as football».
«In my opinion, first of all we should be in charge of qualitative service and legal clarity of transactions».
«At the given moment, with due account for market situation I would advise investing money in luxury property».
«Quick reflexes, mental speed, spacious mind and intuition — all these attainments are similarly important both in football and in business».
«Free overnight stay is a unique service in St.Petersburg».
«Passion fuels everything that we do! If you have no passion, there will be no success wheresoever!»
«It is dedication on the verge of love. My new work gives me no less delight than football does, and I often say to my employees, “If you are not in love with what you do, this work is not for you!»
«Dreams and commitment build up a potent combination, which can convert your purposes into a reality!»
«Responsibility is the very thing that helps us grow under the Sun».

The team of M16-Estate
are highly qualified


The main task of our specialists is to provide security in the processof transaction processing and offer the clients a high level of service.
We always uphold the standards of quality.
The business priority of М16-Estate is dealing with luxury segment realty. Choosing the flat or the house for you we always act in view of your requests. In our base, there is a wide choice of flats situated in the centre of the city, on Krestovsky Island, in the most picturesque parts of the Earth. At the present day, investment of capital into premium property is the most profitable and safe variant in respect of market situation.
There is a wide choice of upscale apartments. We pay close attention to good title to the objects represented. We always serve the interests of the Client; this is why we take personal charge of complete legal support of deals and act as promptly as possible.
— One should love his or her job and be able to work even when having a rest.
Ekaterina Malafeyeva
Director of М16
The property market does not stand still and every day springs new surprises to us. Everything is changing — the trends, customers’ needs, developers' offers and ways of communication. We track all the changes and never look back!

Fundamentals of M16

M16 is not a work, but vocation
We love our company and we are ready to go forward on the morrow of market changes and the demands of our clients.
We are a team
We are always ready to work with the client, taking into account his or her interests.
Our way is the trajectory of success
We are not afraid of the most complex transactions, because difficulties are the only way to development.
Do what you love! Love what you do!
Every member of our staff is fond of his work. To feel it you just need to cross the threshold of our company.
Everything is in your hands!
Responsible and diligent attitude to every transaction lets us achieve perfect results.
Time is money!
We know the value of your time; this is why we do all the tasks as fast as possible.
Estimate every day of your life not by the crops you’ve gathered, but by the seeds you’ve set
Every real estate transaction is a complicated step-by-step process, and a responsible attitude to its every stage leads to successful achievement of the company’s goals.
Knowledge is power
The members of our team have a long employment history, possess comprehensive information on objects and developers, and keep a wary eye on all the renovations on property market.
Service begins with a smile!
Dealing with real estate is, first of all, people business, therefore there can not be any professionalism without sincere benevolence towards the client.
The God gives a person not what he wants, but what he needs
That’s why you should not ask “Why?”, you should think “What for?”.
If you want to sell something,
try to sell yourself first of all
The success of the company is built up to a large extent on cooperation of the manager and the client. Trust-based relations and sincere commitment of our team members in success of the transaction help us maintain the untarnished reputation of M16-Estate and attract new clients.
Individual approach

And the highest level of service

We love our clients, therefore we provide you the service of world-class level:
Comprehensive approach to issues
Any degree of any complexity and orientation to the client’s interests
Submission of update information in any client-friendly manner
Our advertisement is constantly renovated; we are always ready to offer you all the necessary data about the real estate items you are interested in.
Pre-sale preparation of real estate
Сleaning services, remedial works, professional photography, creation of virtual (3D) tours and so on.
Executive car
With a personal driver for examining the objects.
Helicopter tour above the premium class property.
There will be a personal account manager
To deal with you; and he will always know what you personally need.
Transfer service
And accommodation of city visitors in luxury hotels.
We appreciate your time
All the transactions are made as promptly as possible.
Efficient customer advocacy

And protection of transactions

Through the unique possibilities and numerous reliable partners of the Company
Valuation and due diligence
Real estate and professional consultations.
Formation of the private investment package
And control of return on investment.
Private banking from the largest international and Russian banks.
Private security service.
The wide range

of premium-class property items

and exclusive offers in St.Petersburg
We set new trends on market
Participation in tendency formation in the sphere of premium property.
Acquisition of premium property
You get up to 90% of the market value of the object.
Investment in real property.
M16-Estate offers the programs on investment of monetary resources into real estate. There are special offers for the clients dealing with luxury property.
Solid grounding in premium property segment.
We deal both with new construction and resale real estate markets and we have a good handle in all the peculiarities of countryside real estate.
Property market does not stand still. Our company makes progress together with
it and constantly creates new offers for you.

Our Mission and Reputation

The interests of the client are in the first flight for us.
The mission of M16-Estate
is to offer the customers a great choice of real estate and transaction. Be sure you’ve chosen the best!
The interests of the client
ndividual approach
Individual approach
Executing a transaction with M16-Estate you can be sure that we will offer you the variants with due regard to all your preferences towards the flat planning, district, number of floors and presence of parking area.
Guarantee from Malafeyev
Guarantee of quality from Malafeyev.
The serious reputation of the Company owner ensures its clean slate and liability to every client.
European level service
European level service
We take personal charge of all the organizational issues: accommodation of non-resident clients, transfer service to the item of immovable property and site tours.
Involvement in the city life
Active Involvement in the life of the city
M16-Estate actively participates in the city and goodwill projects.
Many of our clients contact us again and again or write their acquaintances up for dealing with us.
Best offers
Best offers in the segment of premium property
M16-Estate is the anchor company in St.Petersburg in the market for high-end real estate.