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This is a prestigious district of St. Petersburg, where the most influential persons used to live back in the day.

The “Golden Triangle" is bounded by the Palace Quay, the Fontanka and Gorohovaya street. The name of the district itself indicates its preference, the high status and the exceptional taste of the property owners in this historical corner of St. Petersburg.

Houses with Aristocratic Genealogy

There is a smell of history in every building here. You will never find a single house, which does not belong to the list of historic-cultural monuments. The previous owners of all the buildings here are the representatives of the old pedigreed population. If in other districts of St. Petersburg, gentlemen used to build commercial apartment buildings that were leased, then in the “Golden Triangle" they preferred to take up their own residency. It guaranteed them proximity to the Imperial Palace, certain isolation and the preference of the territory.

Pre-Revolutionary Pageantry of the Aristocratic District

Most buildings here had been built before the Revolution and they constitute the development panorama in the architectural styles of the XVIII and XIX centuries. Here is the magnificent Baroque, and all the types of Classicism, and the Revival style, and the Rococo. The monuments here are in tip-top condition, since this part of the city is especially loved by tourists. Behind the historic panes, you can live with modern comfort, as the “filling" of the buildings was modernized.

Home Owners Are Rich Foreigners and Russian Elite

Few people can afford to live in this district. Generally, here reside rich foreigners and the representatives of Russian elite. Citizens of foreign lands are attracted, first of all, by proximity to the centre of the city and the possibility to feel in full the history and culture of Russia, especially its ex-capital St. Petersburg. Russian elite reach out for its root, for the heritage of Russian aristocracy and have a fine appreciation of the remarkable atmosphere of this place.

Housing demand in the “Golden Triangle" always exceeds supply. You may rest assured, this is one of the best deals in the city.

You may be sure that you possess a real treasure.

Despite the high cost of accommodation, demand for it does not go down from one year to the next and exceeds supply by far. It is related to the fact that luxury property in this district rarely comes up for sale. And there is no place for greenfield development already. Becoming the owner of a flat in the “Golden Triangle" you may be sure that you possess a real treasure.

The “Golden Triangle" is constituted only by high-grade and widely known restaurants, clubs and saloon bars.

It is the centre of Northern Capital's social life.

The historic centre of St. Petersburg is constituted not only by samples of architecture and the breath of olden time. It helps to remember that it is also the centre of social life of the 5-million-population city. It is both Nevsky prospect, and Sadovaya street, as well as numerous shopping centers. It is the Mecca of fashion shopping and the centre of club life.

You can provide your children with worthy education in close propinquity to the house: there are private schools and university-preparatory schools at your disposal.

New houses built in the antiquarian style of old pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg, combine the luxury of old palaces and present-day planning. High tech decisions are hidden behind the elegant panes, carried out by eminent architects.

The whole centre of the city represents a monument and is protected by UNESCO.

There will never appear high-rise buildings and noisy shopping centers here.

In several meters from bright Nevsky prospect you will enjoy the atmosphere of old St. Petersburg with its quiet parks, centenary trees and elegant panes.

The main green zones of the Centre are concentrated here — the Field of Mars, the Summer Garden and Mikhailovsky Garden. There are the Hermitage, the Marble Palace and the Mikhailovskiy Palace at a walking distance.

It is not planned to develop actively the “Golden Triangle" — this is a district of stability, luxury and high life.

We can single out from the renovated real estate the following items:

  • “The house architect P. Zhako" (Dom architectora P/ Zhako, Russian: Дом архbтектора П. Жако) — at the very heart of the “Golden Triangle".
  • “The house of I. Verta" (Dom I. Verta, Russian: Дом Ию Верта) — built in the middle of the XVIII century and renovated at the beginning of the XX century.
  • “Zhadimirovsky House" (Dom Zhadimirovskogo, Russian: Дом Жадимировского) — back in the day, here lived the great Russian poet V. A. Zhukovsky.
  • A number of houses on the Palace Quay — the legendary scenes of the Northern capital right from your window.
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