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The most intelligent island of St. Petersburg. If Petersburg’s got a soul — it is for certain on the Vasilievsky Island.

The patriots think of each district of the city as a special and unique one, and the Vasilievsky Island is no exception. The largest of the numerous Islands of the Neva Delta, it is the only one that feels like an island separated from the city.

If Petersburg's got a soul — it is for certain on the Vasilievsky Island.

The Vasilievsky Island is self-sufficient – with everything necessary for leisure, studies and work: theatres and museums, offices and business centers, shops and Spa-salons, cafés and clubs. One can stay on the island for months without quitting the place, if he lives, studies and works here on the “Vas'ka" – so the townspeople affectionately call the Vasilievsky.

Unique atmosphere of the legendary Venice of the North.

The historic centre, devoid of bustle, social life, clean and well-groomed streets and squares, universities and institutions — all of this is present on the Vasilievsky Island.

Not many people know that the Vasilievsky Island was meant to become a real analogue of Venice of the North: the lines were conceived as channels, the transportation was to be carried out by boats. However, the idea turned out to be not very successful, and the channels were filled up. The names of the lines, different names for different sides of the same road, have remained a reminder of this idea.

Unique historical buildings and the legendary heritage of the island make it a popular place for investments. The building height restriction ensures the preservation of special historical spirit of the XVIII—XIX centuries.

It is the choice of Russian literary and art circles.

A large part of the population is the old intelligentsia of Petersburg, University professors, scientific employees, figure of culture and art. The Vasilievsky Island is rightly called the “city within a city". This is a special social environment, formed by the employees of numerous educational institutions. For centuries outstanding scientists, writers, artists and musicians have been settling here. It seems that the atmosphere of the island is conducive to intellectual labour and creativity. So many great discoveries and works of genius this district of Petersburg has given the world!

The Western part of the island is an amazing mix between the old houses and modern elite buildings.

But the Vasilievsky Island is not only the quintessence of history and culture. It is an actively developing area with great prospects. In the future the alluvium in the Western part of the island will provide the residents with new cultural and recreational institutions, parks and, of course, with modern premium-class housing.

The clean and well-groomed streets are the visiting card of the Vasilievsky Island.

The widely used landscape design makes it elegant and modern.

An important argument for moving to Vasilievsky is its correct planning and effective use of every square meter of the green zones. The most intelligent Island of St. Petersburg is also a very clean area. As they say, a clean place is not the one they tidy up, but the one where they do not litter.

A home with a sea view is a reality. Modern planning of residential complexes minimizes the effect of the wind and cold from the bay.

A home with a sea view is a dream of many people. But not all of them remember that there can be strong winds on the coast. Modern developers take this issue into account and are planning new buildings on the Vasilievsky to provide maximum wind protection to the courtyards.

This is one of the few places in St. Petersburg where

you can breathe fresh sea air without industrial emissions.

Straight as a ruler, the streets of Vasilievsky Island allow the fresh sea air to freely circulate around the district. The wind carries away the exhaust gases from the roads, and even on the busiest Vasilievsky highways one can breathe better than in the center of the city.

In addition, the goverment plans to make the entire island use the environmentally friendly public transport, so it could become the first “green island" in the city.

The island is very popular among the tourists, there are a lot of luxury five-star hotels. Wealthy foreigners also prefer to stay in the apartments on the Vasilevsky to fully immerse in the atmosphere of the Northern Capital.

This place is without doubt the best one for cultural and leisure activities.

Here are situated such legendary museums as: the Kunstkamera, the Erarta, the Russian Academy of Arts' Museum, the Menshikov Palace. There's also a variety of theatres: dramatic, amateur, dance, children's theaters.

In the center of the island its biggest green zone is situated — the Smolensk cemetery, which has long ago become a historical monument. Numerous gardens and squares are also scattered on the island.

The district keeps developing.

One of the plans provides for the creation of a pedestrian zone along the Repin street. In 2016 the construction of a descent from Western Rapid Diameter will be completed, which will significantly reduce the traffic load on the district.

One of the most attractive locations with the active construction on the Vasilievsky Island, is its very center, where a neighborhood consisting of houses of higher price categories is being formed. Here the objects are situated that are both ready-made and under construction.

The elite real estate can be purchased anywhere in the Vasilievsky Island:

  • The Residence — a new business class building in the heart of the district.
  • “Granville" (Russian: Гранвиль) — in the South of the island with panoramic views of the English Embankment.
  • “Aino" (Russian: Айно) — in an ecologically clean area of the center.
  • “New History" (Novaya Istoria, Russian: Новая История) – near Vasileostrovets Park.
  • “Near the Rostralny columns" (U Rastral'nih Kolonn, Russian: У Растральных Колонн) — the name speaks for itself.
  • Suomi and “Kima, 1" (Russian: Кима, 1)— from the responsible Finnish developer.
  • “Two epochs" (Dve Epokhi, Russian: Две Эпохи) — the developer managed to unite the blocks in 19th-century style and in modern Scandinavian architectural style.
  • “Gems" (Samotsveti, Russian: Самоцветы) — the largest development project on the Vasilievsky.

Elite real estate under construction in St.Petersburg

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on Vasilievsky district

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